Exporter Services

Exporter Services

If you’re in Georgia and aiming to grow your business, consider expanding into overseas markets. The international trade experts at the Georgia Department of Economic Development help Georgia companies grow their international sales by providing global insight and connections. The department’s Trade division includes international representatives in 12 strategic global markets who serve qualified Georgia exporters through a variety of services.

Growth begins with intelligence and access

As you work to grow your business, two things matter most: Who you know and what you know. The international trade professionals at the Georgia Department of Economic Development provide you with both.



          GLOBAL INSIGHT: We give you knowledge and analysis to shape an intelligent strategy to enter and/or expand into international markets.

          GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: Our team can introduce Georgia suppliers to international buyers and delegations, partner resources and global opportunities.

Our trade team offers a range of services to help your Georgia business better leverage international opportunities:

Customized export assistance: Take advantage of strategic export counseling, tailored to your company’s needs and objectives. Our team of international trade managers and international representatives work one-on-one with qualified Georgia companies to provide in-depth analysis and expertise that’s relevant to your international goals.

International trade shows and missions: Participate in numerous international export events across the globe spanning a multitude of industries. For a list of upcoming trade shows and missions, see our international trade event calendar.

Research: Access research from powerful databases to identify leads, perform due diligence and evaluate potential markets.

Introductions to buyers: Meet one-on-one with international buyers from markets all over the world who travel to our state to source Georgia products and services.

Interactive digital tools: Explore rankings, trade numbers and top Georgia exports to specific regions and countries through our interactive trade map.

Trade opportunity alerts: Receive notifications when international buyers are sourcing Georgia products. Sign up for Georgia’s international trade monthly e-newsletter to stay up-to-date about upcoming export opportunities.

Partner resources: Benefit from the many collaborative relationships developed between the Georgia Department of Economic Development and federal and regional partners.

Trade e-newsletter: Stay up to date about trade-related news, announcements, business opportunities and upcoming events by subscribing to our monthly international trade e-newsletter.